Vilniaus senamiesčio teatras
„The circle of life“
(outside performance 20 min.)

The eternal fight for survival:
the fragile city life crumbles,
burns because of its
heavy breathing. Fire
steels the past.
The future creates a new
fife of light,
that will hide again
in nothingness. The circle of
life – the circle of darkness and
Performance „The circle of life“ (20 min.): 12 actors, inflammable liquid, inflammable materials, fireworks, fire torches, transport.
Performance plan:
1.      The sound of music. A stylised city of light is being built.
2.      The citizens are dancing for it.
3.      Some guests arrive to the city, they demonstrate their skills but the citizens outface them.
4.      After the guests are gone the citizens swagger about their victory in this way attracting the dark powers.
5.      The dark powers attack the city and burn it.
6.      The citizens muster up their strength and banish them.
7.      The citizens rebuild the city and dance the dance of joy.